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Manual sampling systems are permanently installed systems that allow a sample cylinder to be installed and a specified volume of gas to be extracted into the cylinder for compositional analysis.


How it Works

Manual sampling systems are installed either as a standalone system or combined with an automatic sampling system.

Sampling systems extract a known sample of fluid through a fixed or retractable sample probe that is permanently installed into a flare line, this sample is then routed through isolation and flow control valves into a sample cylinder connected via flexible hoses.

Once the sample cylinder is full, the cylinder is isolated, removed and taken to a laboratory for analysis.

Industry Standards

ISO 10715: Natural Gas – Sampling Guidelines.

API MPMS 8.1: Manual Sampling.


  • Low-cost


  • Point in time spot sample

  • Potential for non-representative samples to be taken

  • Relies on experience of technician taking the sample

  • Flare systems can operate at very low or even sub-atmospheric pressures making extraction of a manual sample difficult

Case study

No case study available at this time.


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