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An optical spectrometer is a laboratory instrument used to analyse a gas sample to determine its composition.

How it Works

An optical spectrometer (spectrophotometer, spectrograph, or spectroscope) is an instrument used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, typically used in spectroscopic analysis to identify materials and chemicals.

By measuring the amount of light absorbed or reflected by a sample of an unknown substance it is possible to determine what it is made of and how much of each of its constituent materials it contains.


Figure 1: Schematic of optical spectrometer. (Source: Wikimedia Commons. Full credit to Wikipedia User: Kkmurray. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. No changes have been made to the original file.)


Optical Spectrometers are not widely used in the Oil and Gas Industry.


  • • High accuracy

  • • Low uncertainty


  • • Mainly a laboratory based method.

  • • Equipment costs

Case study

No case study available at this time.

On-line analysis

On-line analytical methods involve extracting a sample from a flare system via an automatic sampling system and analysing it continuously with a field installed analyser system.

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